Tips for Getting Stunning Black and White Portraits

There is a unique sense of elegance exuded by black and white portraits. They fit in a variety of settings and will deliver a classy look for many years to come. If you have been fascinated by their appearance and you wonder how you can get stunning black and white portraits, here are a few tips for you:

Shoot in RAW

Sometimes the shots you take don’t turn out to be as great as you had hoped for when entered in the computer. But when you shoot in RAW, you will have the flexibility to revert should you determine that they are not as beautiful as you had anticipated.

Look for contrast

Contrast will definitely make the subjects in your black and white portraits stand out with enhanced visibility. The best way to create contrast for these types of photos, is to have some portions nearly pure white, while some are nearing pure black. This will create a lot of interest on the scene.

Don’t ignore the greys

Having black and white in the portrait will increase interest on the objects, but in the absence of a wide range of varying grey tones, the portrait may appear very dull. To achieve a wide range of greys on the portrait, use a flash to create shadows and highlights over some areas in the photo.

Use a polarizer

If you want to capture the perfect black and white portraits around reflective surfaces such as leaves and water, it would be a good idea to use a polarizer to counter the reflections from the sun. When color is finally removed from the photo, such specular highlights may detract from the overall composition.

Look out for textures

It is because of texture that photos of old items such as antiques and barns remain compelling for many years. Ensure that texture is not front-lit, so that you are able to see the contrast in fine details, and you will make the subjects more compelling in your black and white photography.

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Fitness Portraits

Anyone who is into fitness knows it is hard work and dedication to keep their body in shape; and of course, you are proud of it!When you are embarking on your fitness journey you don’t always see the small changes in your body, but photographic evidence will help you see where you started and how far you’ve come. So, celebrate yourself! Give a call at (514) 366-0101 or drop us a line at and let us help you document that body that you have worked so hard on! And if you’re a personal trainer, what better way to get the word out about your business, than to have your own journey to fitness photographed?

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What to Wear For Business Portraits

So, you’ve come to the realization that it is time to get a new business portrait. Now the next decision is, what do you wear? To guide you in choosing a wardrobe that will both show your professionalism and style as well as look great in a photo, we’ve put together some helpful tips.

You should feel comfortable in the clothes you choose. They should be well fitting, clean, and free of wrinkles. Avoid bulky clothing or items that are too small.



Choose solid colours. Patterns and prints are distracting and can date your photo. Mid-tone colors like green, burgundy, purple and blue are very flattering for all skin tones. Choosing a colour that compliments your eyes is a safe choice.

Substitute black with richer colours like forest green, brown, and navy blue.

If you have lighter skin, choose darker colours for contrast; if you have darker skin, opt for lighter colours. You don’t want your face to blend in with your clothes.


Wear bright colours like red, orange, pink, or neon colours. They will cause colour casts on your face. It is also best to avoid flesh tones.


For men: collared shirts are the standard for business/corporate photos. T-shirts and v-neck sweaters are acceptable for models and actors. Crew necks can be unflattering and should be avoided.

For women: A v-neck is very flattering but avoid plunging necklines. A model may want to wear a more open neck to show off the collarbone. Actors should avoid low and open neckline as it makes a close crop difficult. If you wear a jacket, wear a collarless blouse under it. Keep the neckline simple. Avoid sleeveless tops and tops with sheer sleeves.


Men should wear a tie for business/corporate portraits. Although there is little chance your hands/wrists will be in the photo, cufflinks and watches should be simple and sleek. You don’t want anything flashy that will draw attention away from your face.

Women should wear simple and timeless jewelry. Large statement pieces will distract and date the photo. As with men, your hands/wrists may not be in the photo, but you still want to make simple choices for your bracelets, rings, and watches.

Keep in mind the industry you are working in. Clothing guidelines for model and actor headshots are different than those for the corporate world. If you’re unsure of the direction your wardrobe should take, talk to your photographer before making a final decision. Communicate clearly with your photographer the purpose for your portrait session and they can advise you on clothing options you should bring with you. Checking out the headshots of other in your industry can also help you decide on clothing choices.

There may be times you want to break one or two of the rules for a professional headshot. You know the old saying: rules are made to be broken – but in the case of your headshot you want to make sure to break them carefully. There may be situations where different clothing and accessory choices will help you land the job you are looking for.

Having a good headshot is an important career tool and can be what sets you apart from the competition and helps you close the deal or get that dream job!


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About Our Prints

There are many advantages to displaying art in your home or business. It increases productivity and creativity, reduces stress and sends a message of positivity. Nobody likes to work in an office with dull, undecorated walls.

Canvases are photographs printed directly on high-quality canvas material with the finest ink, then stretched around a wooden block. This creates a durable no-sag surface. A special UV protection coating allows the canvas to be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Each canvas is finished with a thick black backing and comes ready to hang with hardware and wall bumpers.

Advantages of prints on canvas:

  • No glare or reflections
  • Long lasting durability
  • Much lighter than framed prints
  • Lack of frame blends well into any home or office décor
  • Creative options for a multi-panel display
  • Wide range of sizes available (not restricted to popular frame sizes)

Metal prints are available in a glossy, metallic or matte finish and are created by using a high-heat technology to fuse the image into aluminum metal for incredible visual depth and luminosity. All of them are UV and scratch resistant. Both gloss and matte offer vibrant true-to-color results. The glossy has an amazing shine while the matte offers amazing depth and less reflection. The metallic finish will allow the metallic nature of the aluminum to show through in the lighter color areas of your image. Each metal print comes with mounting hardware and wall bumpers.

Advantages of printing on metal:

  • Uniqueness
  • Sleek, modern vibrant looks
  • Long lasting inks are resistant to fading
  • Scratch resistant
  • Resistant to heat and moisture
  • Easy to clean


Photographic prints are created with Kodak Endura professional archival papers and mounted on a sturdy Styrene backing. This helps ensure the longevity of the prints and prevents damaged corners.


Advantages of mounted prints:

  • Can be displayed with or without a frame
  • Sturdy backing prevents creases, warping and bent edges
  • Lustre paper is less reflective and resistant to fingerprints
  • Metallic paper is high gloss and allows deep ink saturation and sharp detail

Whatever your style, whatever your budget, we have something to suit your needs. Contact us and make an appointment to see samples of our products!

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About Our Albums

Our exquisite albums are made in Canada by a company specializing in high-quality boutique products. Totally hand crafted in the Italian tradition, using Fuji Crystal photographic paper. The albums are lay flat, with no seam in the middle. We offer a variety of album cover materials including imitation leather, brocades, Japanese silks, and suede. Small albums are presented in a black velvet bag with a drawstring. Standard and large albums come in a black satin pouch placed in a strong black box.

Accordion books are a different way to present your photos. They have a leather cover and display 6 photographs that are available with high-quality gloss or pearl press pages with a strong magnetic closure and the finishing touch of being presented in a velvet bag.

Albums for business

In today’s digital world, most businesses have their portfolios in a digital format or online. This makes them easy to update and easy to transport and store. But there is something special about touching an album and physically turning the pages; not to mention the smell! Encouraging touch will allow your clients to engage and want to purchase what you are offering. All good salespeople know that engaging as many senses as possible is the path to closing the deal. While digital albums have great portability, nothing can replace the feel and smell of a physical book.

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