Family Portrait Posing Tips for Your Next Shoots

Family photo services are great for preserving memories of the evolution of the family, along with special moments or milestones. The difference between a great family portrait and an average portrait often relates to chosen poses by the photographer and the family. Here are a few posing ideas you can embrace for good shots during your next family photo session:

The classic pose

In this pose, subjects stand or sit facing the camera in a comfortable manner. This is usually the go-to pose in most family portrait photo sessions, and it is meant to make the family feel relaxed and comfortable. It is simple, quick, and safe, but may seem a bit staged or boring.

Hug into the middle

The aim of this pose is to eliminate lots of space between the family members to get a tighter, more intimate shot. Each family member will hug towards the center of the shot, to create a more intimate pose, and a great focal point. Other than resulting in great shots, this pose will also help highlight the connection between the family members.

Fun family pose

This pose is ideal when the family has slightly older children who can walk, and move around on their own. The family is allowed to engage in an activity, and as they go about their business, the photographer waits for the right moment to capture natural reactions. The family could be walking, running, jumping, eating or doing just about any fun activity. The photographer does not warn the family members when taking shots, since the goal is to get them when they least expect the shot, for a more spontaneous, natural looking result.

The tight crops

This is ideal for large family portraits, where space manipulations are used to create ambiance, and sense of symmetry in each photo. Tightly cropped poses are also great for limiting distractions and focusing on the emotion and body language as a means of reinforcing the familial relationship.

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How to Take the Right Photos For Your Real Estate Listings

One core aspect of a successful real estate listing, whether it is a home or commercial property, is photos of properties that are for sale. Before the potential buyers go into the details of the listing, the initial attraction will be based on the photos, and if they don’t find the photos appealing to them, the listing may end up getting very little attention. Presented below, are a few tips to help deliver the best real estate photography that will make it much easier for you to sell your property:

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